Felpham 20mph speed limit proposal

Most of Felpham could become a 20mph-limit village if a safety improvement scheme is given the final go-ahead according to West Sussex County Council.

Both the local county councillor and the parish council identified the reduced limit as a priority to improve safety.

The county council is formally advertising proposals which would mean only Upper Bognor Road, Middleton Road, Felpham Way, Flansham Lane and Flansham Park will remain 30mph; all other public roads in the village would become 20mph.

If the scheme goes ahead, signs will be installed on all roads leading off the main ones to alert people to the change.

In Summerley Lane, two pairs of mini speed humps will be installed to help reduce traffic speeds.

A small section of double yellow line lines will be introduced in Felpham Way, at the junction of the service road with Summerley Lane, where a new roundabout is currently being built.

Private roads in the village largely have signs showing reduced speed limits already and these will be unaffected by the proposals.

The scheme will be advertised from today (February 7) for four weeks, allowing residents and road users to comment.

If the proposals are approved it is hoped the works would be completed in 2019/20 according to the county council.

The estimated cost of the scheme is £50,000 and it will be funded from developer contributions.

A village-wide consultation at the end of 2016 showed general support for the scheme.

Full details of the proposal and opportunities to respond can be found at Felpham 20mph proposals.