Schools chance to win immersive maths class at Hastings crazy golf

world maths day

Schools in Sussex are being offered the opportunity to win an immersive maths lesson on a crazy golf course in Hastings.

The competition is in celebration of World Maths Day on March 7.

Aimed at primary schools and secondary schools and with the support of East Sussex County Council, Hastings adventure golf is offering a class the chance to win a fully prepared practical maths lesson at the crazy golf attraction.

A range of maths lessons complete with worksheets and key learning points have been developed to turn the game of crazy golf into a practical maths learning experience.

The experience will cover learning about, geometry, basic operations, fractions and percentages, measurement and distance.

Former maths teacher and manager of Hastings Adventure Golf, Kate Richards said:

“I know from experience that demonstrating maths in a practical way is often the key to pupils’ learning success.

“So once again we are giving schools the chance to win this immersive and fun learning opportunity.

“It’s also a ready made, planned lesson – so teachers won’t have any prep work!”

Councillor Bob Standley said:

“Maths knowledge is a vital skill and finding new ways to involve pupils in the practical applications of the subject is very much welcomed.

“I am pleased to support Hastings Adventure Golf’s innovative learning platform for World Maths Day.

“It gives more pupils across the county a chance to play and learn maths in a very creative way!”

Schools have until March 15 to enter the competition and the winning class will be announced at the end of March, according to organisers.

Teachers or students can enter by emailing [email protected] saying why the class (max 33 pupils) deserves to win the lesson at Hastings Adventure Golf.

Cllr Bob Standley and Kate Richards former maths teacher and manager of Hastings Adventure Golf
Cllr Bob Standley