Renewed appeal on third anniversary of Newhaven’s missing Fatima Mohamed-Ali

Renewed appeal on third anniversary of Newhaven's missing Fatima Mohamed-Ali
Renewed appeal on third anniversary of Newhaven's missing Fatima Mohamed-Ali

An appeal has been made to mark the third anniversary of missing Fatima Mohamed-Ali, from Newhaven.

The now 55-year-old went missing from her home in Park Drive Close on Friday (February, 12) 2016.

Charity, Missing People, and Sussex Police have made an appeal for information.

Fatima is described as Indian, 5’2″, of slim build with shoulder-length hair normally worn in a ponytail.

She usually liked to wear a traditional Indian dress under a beige coat.

Mohamed Mohamed-Ali, Fatima’s husband, said:

“If anyone knows where Fatima is or what has happened to her, please come forward and contact the police on 101 or contact Missing People on 116 000.

“I want to extend our gratitude to the charity for all of the media publicity that has been done for Fatima.

“I hope that this will jog someone’s memory and leads people to come forward with new information so that we can find Fatima.”

According to police, the initial appeal resulted in a sighting of her being reported in Avis Road on the day she went missing.

Then in August 2017, an acquaintance reported seeing a woman thought to be her running for a bus in Brighton.

However, it was never confirmed and she has not been seen since.

Missing People publicity coordinator Ian Roullier said:

“Fatima, if you are reading this, please call or text us on our free phone number, 116 000.

“It’s confidential and we can’t trace your call.

“We just want to provide you with the support you need and help you to be safe.

“The helpline is here to support people who are missing or thinking of going missing and their loved ones who are left behind.”

Sussex police say the investigation into Fatima’s disappearance remains open.

Anyone with any information is urged to report it online or call 101, quoting Operation Accelerate.