A memorial bench honouring the life of a US musician and rapper has been installed in Newhaven following the efforts of a local resident.

Guy Stevens recently launched a campaign on social media calling for a bench remembering the life of Eric Wright, known as Eazy-E.

The bench has been dedicated to Eazy-E. Credit: Newhaven Town Council.

Wright, who was raised in Compton in Los Angeles, was a founding member of 80s hip hop group the N.W.A, who became well known for their explicit lyrics, with their music drawing on their experiences of racism and excessive policing in Compton at that time.

Wright died in 1995 after being hospitalized with AIDS.

Newhaven Town Council said Mr Stevens had contacted the council to see if he could raise the funds for an engraved bench, which has now been installed at Denton Island in the town.

The bench has been installed at Denton Island. Credit: Newhaven Town Council.

The mayor of Newhaven, councillor Graham Amy, said:

“Eazy-E appears appears to have led a rather colourful life – but if someone contacts us wanting to buy a memorial bench to their aunt, say, we don’t ask questions about her lifestyle.

“And indeed, Eazy-E is greatly admired in some quarters – there are clearly two sides to his story.

“The town council has recently erected a bandstand on Denton Island and would very much like to see some additional seating near the bandstand which could be used by people listening to music there.”

Mr Stevens was able to raise the funds through a GoFundMe page, with money left over being donated to an AIDS charity.

The council added they would welcome further applications from local residents to purchase the same style of benches – whether as memorials to loved ones, or to commemorate their favourite musicians.