The number 13 can be unlucky for some and that was definitely the case for a bar in Miami which offered a free shot to customers each time the United States women’s team scored in the World Cup.

The team scored 13 times against Thailand in what was a record-breaking World Cup first.

The American Social bar and restaurant used Twitter to offer their patrons a complimentary drink each time their national side hit the back of the net during the defending champions’ opening group match in Reims, France.

But it probably did not expect Jill Ellis’ team to go on such a rampage on Tuesday and thrash their opponents 13-0.

Striker Alex Morgan scored five goals alone, matching the most in one game in the tournament’s history – and at one point in the second half, there were four goals in just six minutes.

It is unclear whether the bar ran out of alcohol to give away, but manager Danny Rodriguez told local broadcaster WPLG Local 10, that everyone had a good time.

He said: We had a turnout of about 40-50 people. There were good vibes, a lot of cheering, a lot of good camaraderie.

Meanwhile, the three-time World Cup champions have defended the way they celebrated after being criticised by some for their displays of euphoria and high-fives when it was clear the game was well in hand.

Morgan in particular was rebuked for holding up four fingers after her fourth goal, which made it 10-0.

But when she was asked about the celebrations afterwards, she said: I think in the moment, every time we score a goal in a World Cup – you’ve dreamt of it. I dreamt of it since I was a little girl.

You know, winning a World Cup and being back there for the third time, we want that fourth star. So tonight we knew that any goal could matter in this group-stage game.

And when it comes to celebrations, I think this was a really good team performance and I think it was important for us to celebrate together.

Speaking to Fox Sports, head coach Jill Ellis backed her players, saying: A lot of this is about building momentum and so as a coach I don’t find it my job to rein my players in.

This is what they’ve dreamt about. This is for them. This is a world championship.

If anyone wants to come at our team for not doing the right thing, not playing the right way, not being a good ambassador, they can come at us.

It was an explosion of joy – and if our crime is joy, then we will take that.

In a post-game show of sportsmanship, the US team also consoled some of the emotional Thai players.

Thailand coach Nuengrutai Srathongvian said they tried their best – but was gracious in defeat, saying: We have to accept that this team is very good. We don’t have any excuse, except they are better.

The United States, the defending champions, face Chile next on Sunday.

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