Authorities have rescued a caged "attack squirrel" that had been fed methamphetamine to make it behave aggressively.

The squirrel was found when sheriff’s deputies searched a home in the US state of Alabama looking for drugs.

Deputies had been warned before the raid that the squirrel was fed meth to keep it aggressive.

Sheriff’s spokesman Stephen Young said that, upon advice of state conservation officials, the squirrel was released into a nearby forest.

It is illegal to keep squirrels as pets in Alabama.

News website reported that methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, body armour and ammunition were among the things found in the search.

One man, Ronnie Reynolds, 37, has been arrested and faces drugs charges and a charge of loitering in a drug house.

A second man, 35-year-old Mickey Paulk, was not in the home when it was searched and is being hunted by police.

Paulk will also face drugs charges and a firearms charge.
(c) Sky News 2019: Alabama man fed meth to caged ‘attack squirrel’