Brighton man jailed for historic sex offences against children

Man struck unconscious and robbed in Crawley Memorial Gardens

A Brighton man has been convicted for a series of sex offences against two children in the late 1980’s. 

Standing trial at Hove Crown Court yesterday (Monday, 12), John Dowds of Thorndean Road in Brighton was sentenced to three years imprisonment for multiple offences against and boy aged between five and six, 30 years ago.

Dowds will also be a registered sex offender for life. 

Police said the 56-year-old was found not guilty of similar offences against another young girl.

Detective Constable Stewart Cameron said:

“Dowds had been convicted in 1990, following a police investigation, of an indecent assault against the boy, and was sentenced to two years probation.

“However there was insufficient evidence at that time for further action against Dowd in relation to the boy or one of the girls.

“Three years ago the boy, by then a man in his early thirties, decided to revisit his past and contacted us again. Our enquiries elicited more information from him and from the girl.

“The two victims resolutely gave evidence at the trial and we are glad that justice has now been done for them after all these years.”