Students across Sussex and the rest of the UK have been getting their A-Level results.

In West Sussex, Worthing College said they have been celebrating their best results for the fifth consecutive year today (Thursday, 15).

The college tweeted a 99.1 per cent A-Level pass rate, with 43 per cent A-star to B grades.

Principle Paul Riley said:

“It’s an unusual set up nowadays because students don’t get their results through the old brown envelope any more, they get them coming in online.

“A few are still coming in and celebrating, we’ve got lots to celebrate this year and we are so delighted.

“We couldn’t be prouder of the student’s achievements and the achievements of the staff.”

Meanwhile at Chichester college, staff and students are also celebrating their best ever pass rate at 99.5 per cent.

Ark sixth form in East Sussex said they have had excellent A-Level grades, with two of their students going to Oxford and Cambridge University.

BHASVIC in Brighton tweeted another set of great results.

However, as always there will be some students who feel disheartened.

Matt Sealby, head of sixth form at Littlehampton Academy, said:

“The results that they’ve got, yes might be disappointing for them and might not be quite what they were expecting but it really doesn’t mean that their university process ends there.

“The clearing process is designed for exactly that, so students will find a place at a university and will still be able to go on and study.”

He added:

“If you are patient enough and you’re willing to change your options and change where you would like to go, then the clearing process is an exceptionally good one and students often end up somewhere where they’ll actually really enjoy the three years that they’re at the university and beyond that as well.”