The general election campaign is well under way. Here’s what happened on the third day.

In a sentence: The SNP launched their election campaign with a pledge to form a progressive alliance to keep the Conservatives out of Number 10.

In a paragraph: Nicola Sturgeon stopped short of suggesting a future coalition government but said her party would form an alliance in Westminster to keep Boris Johnson away from Downing Street. Both Labour and the Conservatives said they would not give the SNP leader a second independence referendum.

In 100 words: Nicola Sturgeon focused the SNP election campaign launch on the future of Scotland, calling for a second independence referendum and to remain in the EU.

Meanwhile, apparently teetotal til Brexit, Boris Johnson claimed his EU withdrawal agreement offered no customs declarations for goods travelling between Northern Ireland and the UK, appearing to contradict ministerial advice. His party also announced plans to introduce a visa for doctors and nurses, while Labour pledged to give one year’s maternity leave for women.

Three Labour candidates stood aside from their seats following controversy, including one over antisemitism and one for an attack on the SNP’s Joanna Cherry.

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Nick Martin, Sky’s people and politics correspondent, met Tom, a homeless man who is disabled and lives in Weston-Super-Mare.

Three Labour candidates dropped out of the election race in one day, with one standing aside over alleged antisemitic comments.

Boris Johnson claimed he has given up booze until Brexit is done, despite being snapped sipping whisky in Scotland on day two.

Labour pledged to extend statutory maternity pay and bolster the entitlement to flexible working in a move to provide radical protections for women in the workplace.

And Mr Johnson promised to look into concerns over charging overseas nurses working in the NHS for using its services.

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