Worthing man jailed after punching stranger in the face, hours after his release from prison

A man from Worthing has been sent back to prison after a violent and unprovoked attack on a stranger, on the same day he was released from prison.

Alex Gilbertson, 42, of Park Crescent, approached a man, who he didn’t know, in Rowlands Road, Worthing on the afternoon of October 10.

He had just been released from a 24 week prison sentence just hours earlier, for two other unprovoked attacks in October.

Police said Gilbertson shouted  “what are you looking at?” at the 50-year-old local man, who ignored him and carried on walking.

He then shouted “don’t walk away from me” and caught up with the man, according to the force.

Moments later, Gilbertson grabbed the victim and punched him in the face with a can of beer, causing a deep wound to his face.

After pleading guilty to committing grievous bodily harm at Court on November 12, he was sentenced to 21 months in prison and ordered to pay £140 to the victim.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said:

“Gilbertson carried out this violent attack on an innocent member of the public shortly after being released from prison for an unrelated matter.

“He has an extensive history of offending, and it is clear the local community is a safer place without him on the streets.”