Lucky goat rescued from tiny ledge on cliff face near Henfield

The RSPCA and West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service saved an ill-fated goat from a tiny ledge on a quarry cliff face, near Henfield, on Monday (November,18).

A member of the public had contacted the RSPCA after spotting the goat on the ledge, around 60ft high, in the morning, and finding it still stuck in the afternoon.

Inspector Tony Woodley, from the charity, attended the disused chalk quarry in the area of Small Dole.

He concluded that the goat would not be able to get up or down on his own, and called the fire service for help.

Firefighters from the Technical Rescue Unit used specialist skills and equipment to safely rescue the goat.

The animal was then checked over by the RSPCA and the owner, before getting the green light to rejoin his herd.

Tony said:

“We suspect this poor goat would have probably been chased and that’s how he ended up in this predicament.

“He was standing on a tiny ledge and had been there all day, there’s no way he would have been able to get off it by himself.

“The rescue was a fantastic effort by all involved and we are so grateful to the firefighters for rescuing this poor goat, especially as it was dark by the time the rescue was carried out.

“Thankfully the goat was none the worse for his ordeal and after a check over he was reunited with the rest of his herd.”

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