Jack is back! And he’s here to help you out…

Sussex broadcasting legend Jack The Lad is back on air across Sussex, joining Nick & Lou on More Radio Breakfast every Friday.

If you know someone who’s RUBBISH at getting up in the morning Jack can help! Every Friday he’ll be waking up an unsuspecting victim in true Jack style with his Wake Up Call! If you’ve got a grumpy teenager, tardy colleague, or you lazy other half who struggles to get out of bed in the morning, we want to hear from YOU!

Get your nominations in below and you could win a trip to the award winning Sussex attraction Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventures in Brighton, recently crowned tourist attraction of the year.

Beat the clock and complete as many skill, mental and mystery games in your team before the time runs out. All of this takes part in 14 elaborate and exotic sets.

Starting in Paris you will board a steam train to Venice, walk-through the Tunisian Cave into Egypt, through the Jungle, followed by India. After Japan you will travel by sea boat to Alcatraz, onto the Wild West, around the Antarctic, through the northern lights where you will end up back in England for a Royal welcome.