Which Kids TV Show has been voted the best of all time?

If you spent your childhood saving cardboard loo rolls to create a castle and squashing aluminium cans for charity appeals, then you’ll be pleased to hear that you officially had great taste in TV.

Blue Peter has been named the best children’s television show of all time, in a chart chosen by a Radio Times panel of experts.

As the world’s longest-running children’s TV show, Blue Peter, which celebrates its 60th anniversary later this year, tops the list – but is closely followed by tons of our other vintage faves.

That 80’s gritty show (that your mum probably didn’t want you watching) Grange Hill, which caused shockwaves with its storylines about drugs and teenage pregnancies, is second in the poll. John Craven’s Newsround came in third.

16 of the top 20 shows were broadcast in the 1980s – making it the most popular decade for kid’s TV, while almost nothing vaguely modern has made the rankings.

The top 10 also includes famous Saturday-morning shows Tiswas and Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, which take fourth and fifth place.

Vision On, which bagged a huge audience and broke new ground in the way it catered for deaf children, and Live And Kicking, are in at sixth and seventh place.

Here’s the winning chart:

1. Blue Peter (1958-present)
2. Grange Hill (1978-2008)
3. Newsround (1972-present)
4. Tiswas (1974-1982)
5. Multi-Coloured Swap Shop (1976-1982)
6. Vision On (1964-1976)
7. Live & Kicking (1993-2001)
8. Going Live! (1987-1993)
9. Play School (1964-1988)
10. Crackerjack (1955-1984)
11. Play Away (1971-1984)
12. Pingu (1986-2006)
13. Rentaghost (1976-1984)
14. SM:TV Live (1998-2003)
15. Animal Magic (1962-1983)
16. Byker Grove (1989-2006)
17. Jackanory (1965-1996)
18. The Box of Delights (1984)
19. How (1966-1981) 20. The Borrowers (1992)