Lost property boxes are always full of weird and wonderful surprises and unexplained objects, and it seems hotels are some of the strangest!

Travelodge have revealed the most bizarre items that have been left behind in hotel rooms in Sussex.

A life-size cut out of Brad Pitt and a large chocolate teapot, a litre of Brighton seawater, a Christmas grotto, an Elvis outfit and tarot cards were all accidentally abandoned by careless visitors to Brighton!

One particularly forgetful guest made a exceptionally expensive mistake, leaving behind an engagement ring!

It seems weddings in Sussex are plagued with items being mislaid, as a best man’s speech, a box of invites, and a wedding cake in the shape of a castle have all been left behind in the last year!

Elsewhere in Travelodge’s other 6 Sussex hotels, an artist’s easel, the Deeds to a house, a collection of cat collars, a 4ft cuddly leopard, a vintage telephone, a box of Swarovski ornaments, and a set of golf clubs have all been abandoned!