Concerns over distribution of coronavirus posters in Brighton

Residents asked to put up posters with advice on coronavirus in blocks and on community notice boards raised concern some areas would be missed.

The issue was raised by community’ representatives from council estates and flats in central Brighton as not every area has a residents’ association to carry out the work.

During the Housing Panel meeting on Wednesday (February, 12), where tenants and leaseholders discuss housing issues with councillors and officers, posters with information from Public Health England were passed around with extra copies made available for notice boards.

David Spafford from Ardingly Court in Ardingly Street, Brighton, pointed out the associations do not cover all the estates and suggested the council’s estates services teams that clean and monitor the block put up the posters.

He said:

“This is an emergency, it is not a normal notice.

“I think estate services should do it.

“We have a responsibility to our tenants and get them up stat rather than doing it peace meal.

“It should take priority over other things.”

Hanover representative Jane Thorp agreed areas could be left out if they did not have a formal organisation going to Housing Panels which are meeting across the city this week.

She said:

“It ignores the fact a lot of estates do not have site reps.

“It’s pointless, we either do it properly or we don’t. It is a public health emergency.”

Panel chair Green councillor Siriol Hugh-Jones asked if there were issues in other areas of the city, but was told this has not been raised.

Ododo Dafe said she could not guarantee getting notices on all the council blocks, but would ask staff to check the blocks over the next week and put up posters if they are not there.

She said:

“It is a case of all hands on deck with trying to get as much information as we can.

“Everyone is advised to contact 111 if there are any issues and the good hygiene practice.

“In a sense hopefully people will have seen it.”

She offered to sent out more notices to residents reps for help putting them up in blocks as well as making sure the estates team go out with “a stack”.

Posters are on display in all council owned public buildings and also on Brighton and Hove buses.

(By Sarah Booker-Lewis – Local Democracy Reporter)


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