Ed Sheeran shocks Brighton audience with surprise appearance at James Blunt concert

Excited James Blunt fans were left even more ‘shell-shocked’ after Ed Sheeran appeared on stage to surprise the audience at a concert in Brighton last night (Saturday, 23).

The music icon made the shock appearance to share a duet with James Blunt on his birthday, wowing the 4,000 strong crowd at the Brighton Centre.

The pair sang a rendition of Blunt’s ‘Make Me Better’, co-written with Sheeran, before encouraging the audience to sing Happy Birthday along with them.

One audience member, who was left ‘shell-shocked’ by the appearance, said:

“It was just such an incredible moment.

“James introduced the song saying he’d co-wrote it with Ed, and started playing.

“Then out of nowhere this guy with a baseball cap walks on with a guitar singing, and suddenly everyone’s screaming and shouting ‘it’s Ed Sheeran!’.

“I’ve never known anything like it. You would normally have to pay hundreds of pounds to watch him a mile away in a giant arena, so to see him so up close and personal like that, it was amazing.”

The rest of the night was also lively, as fans were treated to hits of Blunt’s including ‘You’re Beautiful’, ‘1973’ and ‘Goodbye, My Lover’.

The concert was part of his world tour this year, promoting the new album ‘Once Upon A Mind’.

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