Fancy getting your hands on a load of cash? – Jack The Lad’s ‘What’s The Word?’ is here!

Just work out the mystery word we have removed from Jack’s mouth and a big pile of cash could be yours! And of course, being Jack, that word could be absolutely anything!

You can play every morning on More Radio Breakfast with Tom, Lou and Jack – and listen out for the What’s The Word alarm for your chance to take part throughout the dayWhen you hear the alarm you’ll have 10 minutes to enter.                                                     Text More and your name to 82222

There’s currently £2,740 up for grabs!

We will add an additional £20 every day until we find a winner!

You can listen to the clip below: 

Incorrect guesses so far…

Airhead, Amateur, Armpit, Baboon, Bamboozler, Banana, Barmpot, Beep, Beast, Beauty, Berk, Birdbrain, Blaggard, Blockhead Bloke, Blunderhead, Boffin, Bogus, Bonehead, Bozo, Brainbox, Brainiac, Buffoon, Chancer, Charlie, Charmer, Child, Chump, Clever Clogs, Clown, Cock-a-doodle-do, Comedian, Cowboy, Crafty, Cretin, Cuckoo, Darling, Daydreamer, Degenerate, Delight, Delboy, Delinquent, Didgeridoo, Dimwit, Dingbat, Dinglebat, Dinlow, Dinosaur, Disaster, Disconnected, Ding-a-ling, Dipstick, Disjointed, Div, DJ, Dodo, Donkey, Dope, Dork,Dough-brain, Doughnut, Dreamer, Drongo, Dufus, Dullard, Dumb-bat, Dumbo, Dummkopf, Dummy, Dunce, Dysfunctional, Eejit, Expertise, Fail, Failure, Featherbrain, Fella, Flake, Flump, Fool, Fruitcake, Fruitloop, Frump, Gadabout, Geezer, Genius, Gentleman, Gimboid, Git, Goldfish, Goofball, Goon, Halfwit, Hefalump, Herbert, Hypocrite, Idiot,  Ignoramus, Imbecile, Incompetent, Inconsiderate, Itinerant, Jerk, Joker, Klutz, Knucklehead, Lad, Layabout, Lazy, Legend, Lemon, Lemon Drop, Liability, Lightweight, Loser, Man, Mastermind, Meandertha, Meathead, Melon, Melt, Minger, Misfit, Moosey, Moron, Mug, Muppet, Naive, Narna, Nerd, Nightmare, Nincompoop, Ninny, Nitwit, Nomad, Noob, Noodle, Novice, Nugget, Numbnut, Numbskull, Numpty, Nunchuck, Nutcase, Nutter, Oaf, Organiser, Peabrain, Peacock, Pelican, Perfectionist, Person, Pilchard, Pillock, Pinhead, P***take, Philistine, Plank, Player, Pleb, Plonker, Plum, Prankster, Prat, Prawn, Pretender, Preverbal, Pro, Problem, Professional, Proverbial, Prune, Putz, Rebel, Reject, Reprobate, Scatterbrain, Scallywag, Scoundrel, Sausage, Selfish Git, Shirker, Silly Sausage, Simpleton, Skiver, Slacker, Sloth, Slughead, Snake, Sod, Spanner, Spoon, Swine, Team-player, Thing, Tinker, Thickhead, Thickie, Thicko, Tit, Toerag, Tool, Twallop, Twerp, Twiglet, Twit, Twonk, Twot, Unprofessional, Vagabond, Wally, Wazzock, Weirdo, Wilber, Wombat, Wilf, Wuss.

Please note – It is NOT a swear word!