Coronavirus: The latest developments in Sussex (Monday, 23)

Following a weekend of beautiful weather and further instructions from the government to ‘stay at home as much as possible’, here are the latest changes you need to know about.

As of Monday (March, 23) at 7am the following figures are the known number of Covid-19 cases in each district:
Brighton & Hove: 17
East Sussex: 9
West Sussex: 27
Coronavirus death

Eastbourne District General Hospital confirmed that a second patient who tested positive for Covid-19 in Sussex died on Saturday.


Southern Rail begin to gradually reduce their services from today.

They have implemented an amended Saturday timetable, and from next Monday they plan top operate a Sunday timetable.

Click here for more information.


Brighton and Hove Council reassured key workers that they have made
arrangements so they can still send their children to school on the first
day of nation-wide closures.

All of East Sussex County Council’s libraries close from today.
New and ongoing loans will be extended until at least June 30.
Fines will be scrapped for any items that were overdue from March 9.

‘Stay at home as much as possible’

Brighton and Hove City Council put out message urging people to stay at
home on Sunday after good weather conditions brought crowds to Sussex’s beaches and attractions such as Brighton Palace Pier.

Subsequently, West Wittering beach closed their car park on Saturday and Brighton Palace Pier fully closed yesterday.


West Sussex closed all of their household waste recycling sites until further notice.

They said it’s to reinforce the need for social distancing, protecting staff and highway safety.

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