Coronavirus: The latest developments in Sussex (Tuesday, 24 March)

As the UK enters it’s first day of what people are calling a ‘lockdown’ there are still some organisations working behind the scenes to keep us safe.

As of Tuesday (March, 24) at 10am the following figures are the known number of Covid-19 cases in each district:

Brighton & Hove: 17
East Sussex: 11
West Sussex: 28

Key workers

While many of us are working from home there are still people going to work in petrol stations, hardware stores, car garages, healthcare and supermarkets.

The charity ‘Warming Up The Homeless’ are classified as a critical service, so volunteers will still be carrying out outreach rounds in Hastings, St Leonards, Eastbourne and Bexhill.

Volunteers have taken measures to keep themselves, and the homeless community, safe.

Trollies and vans were disinfected last night, everything except fruit was distributed in sealed bags, each volunteer wore a face mask and gloves and they all observed social distancing.

All 65 people the team came across were also advised to socially distance themselves from each other.

NHS Staff

After closures of many fast food restaurants and cafes yesterday it appears NHS staff have been treated across the county.

In Worthing, Costa Coffee’s manager took the opportunity to distribute all remaining food and drinks to hospital staff, paramedics and a number of other critical services.

Last week in Hastings, the maternity unit were given free pizza from Domino’s, chocolate and cakes from TK Maxx and free drinks from McDonald’s.

Public gatherings

Included in last night’s measures announced by the PM is the banning of public gatherings, and any gathering of more than two people unless they are from the same household.

This means a few events will not be going ahead across the county, including Worthing’s Wednesday market and a number of events in Willingdon and Jevington that were due to take place after the initial three week shut down.

In May they have postponed ‘The Spring Clean Day’, ‘VE Day’ and ‘The Parish Walk’; in June they have postponed ‘Music in the Park’.


Children across the country are putting up pictures of rainbows in their windows to spread hope during the coronavirus outbreak.

Some sent in pictures of their rainbows to Lewes District Council.


Brighton & Hove City Council have reminded people that their children should stay at home, if possible.

Children who are in a two-parent household require both parents to be key workers.

The schools remain open only to vulnerable children and children of critical workers.


People are only allowed out of the house to exercise once a day for the next three weeks.

Brighton and Hove have closed their skateparks, playgrounds and other outdoor sports facilities.

The authority said the beach and parks will remain open but it is essential that people do so with the appropriate distance.

Car parks for Camber Sands are closed.

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