As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, every single one of us are faced with circumstances unprecedented within our lifetimes. With many of us unable to work, send our children to school, or go about our normal day to day business, it is a time of deep uncertainty.

We understand that you, our listener, will be facing a range of emotions from frustration and boredom through to fear and loneliness. You may be missing relatives and loved ones – especially the elderly who may be self-isolating away from the normal day to day contact  with other family members. We are also aware that for many this is also a time of financial insecurity and worry.

Here at More Radio, we understand all of those concerns because we feel them too. The team here are also mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and sons and daughters. We are fighting the same battle as every single one of you that tunes in each day. We would therefore like to make you a promise.

Throughout these times of uncertainty we will strive to deliver the service you have come to enjoy and rely on every day. You deserve it – and probably need it. We will inform you, reassure you, and entertain you. We will try to allay your fears, make you laugh, and make you smile. We will continue to bring you the music, the presenters, and the features you love, including What’s The Word – let’s face it in these uncertain times a nice amount of money in the bank could go a long way to relieving some of the stresses of this very unusual everyday life we are now living.

Of course we are making some small changes as, whilst continuing to provide an essential service, we also need to keep our staff safe and well.

Our news team will continue to provide an informative and accurate service that supplies you with the facts you need to know. As an essential service, we are very much open for business. Social media is our friend – please get in touch any time you like via Facebook and Twitter. Tell us your good news, share your fears, tell us how you’re keeping the kids occupied – and ask questions. We will get through this together.

Please stay safe, and most importantly, stay well.

The More Radio Team x