Coronavirus: Brighton & Hove Albion bosses volunteer pay cut to protect the club

Chief Executive Paul Barber, Technical Director Dan Ashworth, and boss Graham Potter are taking a reduction in their salary for three months.

The trio volunteered the pay cut for April, May and June, in order to support chairman Tony Bloom’s “significant efforts to protect all jobs” at the club and charity during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a note to be sent to all staff, Barber explained:

“[This is] to help Tony to ensure none of our core staff suffer a wage reduction during this uncertain period for our business, Graham Potter, Dan Ashworth and I have voluntarily taken a pay reduction for the months of April, May and June.

“We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to be working for the best of clubs at the most of difficult times so it is entirely appropriate that we play a very small part in reducing the financial burden on Tony.”

The trio originally made the offer two weeks ago, which was appreciated, but at the time rejected by the chairman.

Following further talks between the quartet over the past few days, the offer was accepted.

Potter said he didn’t speak to his players about the decision:

“The players are aware of the situation, but I haven’t discussed it with them.

“I know they have made their own private charitable donations without any direction from us and they have done that off their own bat.

“I am sure they will be willing the help the football club.

“It is up to them and the PFA [Professional Footballers Association] to come to the right conclusions.”

Potter was asked about the possible implementation of pay cuts by players across the Premier League.

“You can understand the criticism, but on the other hand footballers and the Premier League contribute to the treasury in an enormous way as well. 

“We are in a really difficult situation with a global pandemic ongoing and we want to try and do the right thing as a collective, as a humanity.

“I am pretty sure football will come to those same conclusions. 

“Players have got to make that call themselves. 

“I am my own person and I have made this decision for me, for my family, for where I sit at the football club.”

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