Coronavirus: The latest developments in Sussex (Friday, April 10)

Here’s all the coronavirus related news you need to know across Sussex over the last 24 hours.

As of Friday (April, 10) at 7am the following figures are the known number of Covid-19 cases in each district:

Brighton and Hove: 165

East Sussex: 279

West Sussex: 330

Total for Sussex: 774

Easter Weekend

We’re being told to stay at home this weekend – as the government warns people against flouting the lockdown rules in the warm weather.

Temperatures could reach over 20 degrees celsius in some parts of Sussex, and police have said they will issue fines if they catch people breaking social distancing measures.


Both of Sussex’s fire and rescue services want garden bonfires to stop until the lockdown is over.

Firefighters said there has been an increase in rubbish being burned, possibly due to all council tips being closed.

Both services said fires bring unnecessary risk, and smoke could harm people with breathing difficulties nearby.

Local authorities

Many West Sussex County Council staff are changing their jobs for a while, as the local authority helps residents and businesses through the pandemic.

According to County Hall, fire hydrant maintenance crews are now also delivering personal protective equipment.

One of Sussex’s local authorities is to defer up to half-a-million pounds of business rents, as a result of the pandemic.

Rother District Council staff claimed it should help many companies, including those depending on visitors.

PPE donation

Scientists and staff at the University of Brighton said they’ve responded to an urgent request for safety equipment.

Three NHS Trusts are set to receive things like respirators, safety glasses and sanitizer from the university’s Environment, Pharmacy and Science departments.

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