Horsham hedgehog in a prickle over bird feed

An over-adventurous hedgehog found himself in a bit of a prickle last week while trying to score himself some bird feed.

A concerned caller alerted the RSPCA last Friday (April, 10) morning, after discovering the prickly creature in a metal bird feeder lying on the ground in a garden in Pondtail Road, Horsham.

RSPCA inspector Tony Woodley went to help the stricken animal.

He said:

“The poor little hog had pushed his way right into the middle of a long, metal-wire feeder and found himself stuck in the narrow tube, his spines wedging him in. 

“The caller had spotted him that morning but wasn’t sure how long he’d been there for. 

“Thankfully, I managed to cut the wire, remove a section of the feeder and peel it back so I could carefully free the hedgehog.

“I checked him over any injuries but was pleased that he didn’t seem too worse for wear.”

Tony decided to release the hedgehog where he was, so he could make his way back to his home.

The RSPCA urged people to keep an eye on wildlife feeders in their garden to make sure animals and birds do not get stuck or injured.

The charity’s officers are often called out to greedy squirrels who get themselves stuck in feeders – and have also been called to help birds and other rodents who have got trapped.

Tony added:

“I would urge people who use feeders to check them regularly to look out for any trapped wildlife and to remove them if you’re going away and can’t monitor them daily.”

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