Woman jailed after reportedly ‘hiding in a bush’ and threatening people in Crawley

A woman whose behaviour repeatedly caused distress to people in Crawley town centre has been jailed for 10 months.

Police said Louise Duffell was issued a Community Protection Notice on Monday (April, 27), after persistently bothering shoppers, residents, and businesses in the town centre.

It was supposed to stop the 29-year-old from behaving in a manner likely to cause harassment and distress to any other person, as well as hanging around the town centre or being inebriated.

Less than five hours of being issued the notice Duffell, of Caburn Court, Crawley, was threatening to spit on a member of the public, and was found in the Memorial Gardens, drunk, and hiding in a bush, according to officers.

She was arrested for breaching her notice, and common assault on a passer-by.

Police said Duffell began shouting and swearing with several people including children within earshot, ignoring warnings from officers.

She was subsequently detained for threatening behaviour.

After pleading guilty to all three offences on Tuesday (April, 28), Duffell was given a 40-week custodial sentence.

PC Paul Nye said:

“We issued the CPN to try to curb Duffell’s increasingly frequent and unpleasant anti-social behaviour and alcohol use in the town centre, which was upsetting the local community.

“However it then became to necessary to take her to court and this has at last given people some relief from her conduct, and has also given her a chance to reflect and seek some assistance.”

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