Coronavirus: The latest developments in Sussex (Monday, May 4)

Here’s all the coronavirus related news that’s gone on in Sussex over the weekend.

As of Monday (May, 4) at 6am, the following figures are the known number of Covid-19 cases in each district:

Brighton and Hove: 381

East Sussex: 593

West Sussex: 1,172

Total: 2,146


Once again, police in Sussex said people across the county flouted lockdown restrictions over the weekend.

In most cases, fines were issued to groups travelling from outside the county on day trips.

Officers said around half of 45 fines issued on Saturday (May, 2), were to ‘bored’ families who had taken day trips to Birling Gap, Seven Sisters, Camber Sands and Brighton.

Parents of teenagers who refused to adhere to social-distancing guidance were also fined.

Domestic abuse

More than 3,000 children in West Sussex are thought to be living under the shadow of domestic abuse.

That’s according to a report published by Englands Children’s Commissioner, who added that the problem was hidden due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

The county was also flagged as having one of the highest rates of children with special needs, and no plan from the county council for their requirements.

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West Sussex County Council are the latest authority to take up ‘virtual’ meetings under lockdown since a change in law allowed them to do so.

The public can still listen to what’s happening in the county, but they won’t be able to see them.


Police said a thief stole face masks and latex gloves from a vehicle belonging to a carer in Burgess Hill towards the end of last week.

The offender broke a lock to gain access to the safety gear inside a vehicle on Keymer Parade in the town.

Lewes’ coronavirus expense

Councillors said the coronavirus pandemic could cost Lewes District Council more than £19million, when they have only £3million in spare reserves.

Our Local Democracy Reporter said that’s a prediction of the worst case scenario.

The authority already received over a million pounds extra from the government, in addition to business support packages.

Sussex professor

A University of Sussex lecturer looked at a common lockdown question: How long is food safe, beyond it’s ‘sell by’ date?

Erik Millstone said it’s more important to look at the ‘use by’ information.

He added that it’s probably fine to chop out small pieces of mould on jam, but dodgy nuts and grains should never be risked.

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