So what’s the strangest competition or challenge you’ve come across – or even entered?

Well in Dorset, a traditional knob-eating contest has had to be held online amid the current Covid-19 lockdown!

Dozens of competitive eaters are set to dust off their webcams in preparation for the annual biscuit showdown!

There will be no crowds at this year’s knob-eating competition, as contestants will be stuffing their faces online for the very first time. The event – in which contestants go head to head in an attempt to gobble up more of the county’s traditional biscuits than their rivals – usually draws huge crowds.

But this year 100 competitive eaters will live-stream their attempts to swallow the savoury snacks, with its sister event, the Dorset knob-throwing festival, being postponed until 2021. Entrants in that competition would normally gather in a field to toss the triple-baked treats as far as possible.

Each hopeful in the knob-eating championship has been sent a packet of regulation biscuits for their heats with contestants being given a minute to finish off as many knobs as they can manage. But competition chairman Ian Gregory warned the bun-shaped confections were ‘quite dry’. ‘The world record stands at 13 or 14 – that was a momentous performance in 2015,’ he said. ‘But since then no-one has done more than seven’. Organisers said entries had come in from all corners of the UK, including Castle Donington, Ellesmere Port and Cockermouth.