Labrador has ‘incredibly lucky escape’ after running under a bus near Chichester

A Labrador has been rescued after running under a bus in West Sussex yesterday evening (Sunday, 10).

West Sussex County Council said Daisy had ‘a very lucky escape’ after she narrowly missed the wheels of a single decker bus in Main Road, Birdham, at around 8pm.

Firefighters from Chichester Fire Station and East Wittering came to the labrador’s rescue after she became trapped.

High pressure airbags were used to gently lift the front of the bus off of Daisy’s body, allowing emergency workers to free her from underneath the vehicle.

She then received a blue light escort to the emergency vets.

East Wittering Watch Commander, Steve Pearce, said:

“The dog had run out in front of the bus, and hadn’t given the driver a chance to stop.

“By the looks of it she hit the front of the bus and then rolled underneath it.

“Luckily she didn’t roll underneath the wheel as that would have a been a very different outcome.

“But as the bus is so low to the ground, and being quite a large dog she was pinned down and couldn’t move.

“We could see her eyes were open, but she couldn’t move and wasn’t making any noise.

“We were very surprised to see that she was still alive after her ordeal, but it meant we had to work quickly to get her out and ensure she received the medical attention that she needed.

“Both of our fire engines are fitted with high pressure air bags, which we can inflate at a controlled rate to raise a vehicle off the ground.

“This allowed us to gently lift the front of the bus up so that we could get in underneath and bring Daisy to safety.

“She had a few nasty cuts and scratches and was clearly feeling rather battered after her ordeal.

“She had a blue light escort to the emergency vets thanks to our colleagues at Sussex Police who ensured she was well looked after.

“We later heard this morning that she is recovering well.

“She had an incredibly lucky escape.”

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