Anti-lockdown poster encourages mass gathering in Brighton

A poster has been circulating on social media encouraging people to gather in Brighton tomorrow (Saturday, 16) and protest against the lockdown.

The graphic is almost identical to a number of others that are being advertised in UK cities such as Glasgow, London, Norwich and Manchester.

It invites people to ‘say no to the new normal and no the the unlawful lockdown’, by meeting for picnics and live music in places like parks and beaches.

The Guardian reported a link between ‘The UK Freedom Movement’ mentioned in the poster and a company set up at the end of April called ‘Freedom Movement Ltd’, whose sole director is the former deputy leader of Britain First, Jayda Fransen.

However, no responsibility or connection has so far been made publicly by any person or organisation.

Police across the country condemned the posters and plan to patrol areas that are mentioned.

The Government rules on social distancing mean people should not be gathering in groups of more than two with people who are not in their own household, and even then they must stay two metres apart.

Sussex police said:

“We are aware of a planned mass gathering in Brighton this Saturday (May, 16).

“While, under normal circumstances, we fully support the right to protest peacefully; during the current pandemic this right is superseded by the right to life in line with the new public health regulations.

“Our over-riding aim is to protect and keep people safe.

“As part of the new regulations, public gatherings of more than two people who don’t live together are banned.

“Exceptions include funerals attended by immediate family members or people working together who cannot work from home.

“We will continue our policing approach of engaging, explaining and encouraging and only as an absolute last resort will we enforce.

“We do not want to criminalise people unnecessarily; we appreciate the pressures that the public are facing, but we will use our powers if necessary.

“Anyone planning or promoting protests should be aware that if these activities result in protest activity, any participants may make themselves liable to police engagement and enforcement.”

More Radio do not condone any mass gathering or any action that would breach current Government guidance that could endanger lives.

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