Tabbouleh is a delicious, fresh and healthy Middle Eastern salad featuring bulgur wheat, steeped in water or stock, then tossed with an abundance of fresh parsley, mint, tomatoes, asparagus, lemon and seasoning. It’s ideal for the summer season and works well as a healthy lunch on a warm day!



PREP TIME 30 mins


25g/1oz bulgur wheat

50ml/2 fl oz boiling water

12 vine plum tomatoes, cut in half

Bunch of fresh flat leaf parsley, leaves only, washed, dried and finely chopped

Small bunch fresh mint leaves, washed, dried and finely chopped

Bunch spring onions, chopped

125g pack of fine asparagus, stems cut into small pieces, tips left whole

2-3 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

2-3 tbsp extra virgin oil

Sea salt flakes


  1. Place the bulgur wheat into a small bowl and cover with 50ml/2 fl oz of boiling water. Stir, then set aside for 20 minutes or until the bulgur wheat has absorbed all the water.
  2. Boil the asparagus until al dente, approximately 3-6 minutes. Transfer to cold water immediately in order to maintain their green colour.
  3. Add the parsley, mint, spring onions, and asparagus to the tomatoes and mix well until combined.
  4. When the bulgur wheat has absorbed all of the water, fluff it using a fork until the grains are separated. Add the bulgur wheat to the salad mixture and stir to combine.
  5. Drizzle over the lemon juice and olive oil and season to taste. Mix well to coat the ingredients in the dressing.
  6. To serve, divide the Tabbouleh equally among the 4 serving plates. Grilled halloumi or pita bread would be a lovely accompaniment.