‘Appalling’ 201mph speeding video confirmed as M23 near Crawley

Police have confirmed that a video taken from inside a car travelling at 201mph was captured on the M23.

Officers said the footage that has been circulating on social media was taken on the southbound carriageway, between Gatwick and Crawley.

While no date has been provided, police believe the incident occurred at some point during the coronavirus lockdown.

As enquiries to identify the driver and bring them to justice continue, police are urging all road users to stay safe.

CI Michael Hodder said:

“This is one of the most appalling examples of dangerous and irresponsible driving we have ever seen in Sussex.

“Driving at such grossly excessive speeds hugely increases the chances of being involved in a collision, and it’s extremely fortunate the driver has not killed or seriously injured themselves or someone else.

“We have a team of specialist roads policing officers who will fully investigate this footage with a view to identifying and bringing the driver to justice.”

Last year in Sussex, a total of 1,393 speed-related collisions were recorded -the highest number in the county since 2009.

Of these, 315 resulted in serious injuries and 18 in fatalities.

CI Hodder added:

“While the vast majority of motorists stay within the speed limits, there is a small minority who put themselves and others at risk.

“There is no excuse for speeding at any time.

“We urge drivers and motorcyclists to ditch the excuses and remind them we will be enforcing speed limits at high priority locations, targeting those who present themselves to be a danger on the roads.

“It only takes a minor lapse in concentration or a slight error of judgement to cause a collision.

“Speed kills, it’s as simple as that.”

Police said they have received a number of reports of speeding drivers since the lockdown began.

Anyone with any information about offences committed in Sussex is urged to report on the Operation Crackdown website, quoting Operation Checkmate.


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